Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big day Tuesday

First, I apologize for the delay in updating. Tuesday was a long day, description of which will follow. Plus I was under the weather Monday-Wednesday. But I am ready to update.

Tuesday we passed HB 560 out of the House Education Committee. The sophomore class from Lloyd High School came down to check it out. Two students, Dezmen Ritchie and Andy Bard testified and did a great job. They received a terrific lesson in the way the legislative Branch works. I would also like to thank Pat Crowley from the Enquirer and Tom McKee from WCPO channel 9 news for coming down very early to report on it and give the kids a lot of attention. You can watch the video from WCPO at the link below.

Next step is getting it called up on the floor.

In addition, we got HB 423 passed through the Elections Committee that morning also. It is the bill I ran for the sophmores last year.