Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New session underway

First, sorry about the late post.

The first week of session was last week. On the personal front, I remain on the same 5 committees I finished up on last year. Those are Local Government, Banking and Insurance, Economic Development, Labor and Industry, and Licensing and Occupations. The only change now is that I am a Vice-Chair of the Local Government Committee.

There was plenty change in the rest of the House. We have a new Speaker, Greg Stumbo. With a new Speaker comes new committee chairs. I am generally happy with the new committee chairs. The fact that the new Chairman of Appropriations and Revenue committee is a member of the Northern Kentucky Legislative Caucus can only mean good things for NKY.

The Appropriations and Revenue committee has already begun meeting to discuss the budget issues. It sounds like the Licensing and Occupations Committee will be meeting before we return for session on Feb. 3rd to begin discussions on Speaker Stumbo's bill to install slots at tracks.

I will begin posting more regularly on the various issue we will address in the upcoming session.