Thursday, February 12, 2009

several thoughts

The tax increases passed yesterday 66-34. 60 votes were needed to pass it. Rumor was it was going to be close. It was not. I voted no. Overwhelming reaction from my district was to vote no, especially after the alcohol tax was added to the bill.

Rep. Arnold Simpson of Covington gave perhaps the best speech I have heard since becoming a State Representative on the tax increase bill. He did a tremendous job of illustrating how unfair the alcohol tax is to the urban areas.

The Speakers' slots bill went through committee today. I was the only non yes vote. The bill allows just slots at just the track with no vote of the people. I believe that the people should decide, we should have full blown casinos and they should be at more than just the tracks. Also I pointed out that since this bill adds money to secondary education, we need to consider putting that toward fixing the SEEK formula this disadvantages growing areas, like Northern Kentucky.

Back to work Friday morning, and we are not in session next week. Will catch up then.