Sunday, February 17, 2008

28 days in, 32 to go

This is my first term. So I am always asking others who have been around for a while how this session compares to other sessions. Last year everyone said that it was the "weirdest" session they had ever been a part of. The Speaker of the House was running for Governor, our Republican leader was running on a ticket against the sitting Republican Governor, a member of the Senate was running for Lt. Governor. Therefore, not much happened.

Now this year, everyone tells me they can't remember a "slower" session. We have a new Governor who just released his casino plan. There is no money to spend, so that slows up the process and eliminates many bills from consideration. The House is about to change the Governors casino plan. There is talk of increased taxes. Hopefully there will be a pension plan from the Governor this week. But this leaves about 30 days to put together a budget, decide on casinos, fix the pension system, and do any number of other things. I look forward to seeing whether or not this continues to be a slow session.