Sunday, February 24, 2008

HB 560

This is something I should have started doing already, but I am going to spotlight the bills I have introduced. I have done this already with HB 309. Now I will talk a little about HB 560.

HB 560 was developed by a student at Lloyd High School. This was done as part of class assignment for the Sophmore classes of Jonathan Davis and Beth Fields. Last year we did the same thing, had a hearing before a committee, and the kids from Lloyd were able to testify on the bill. I have introduced the same bill from last year again this year, Hb 423.

Anyway, the goal of HB 560 is to teach seniors in high school how to register to vote, how to actually vote, and fill out an absentee ballot. We teach kids in school how important it is to be engaged and vote, but leave out the part about how to actually vote.

We hope to have the chance to have a hearing again this year before a committee. If it happens, I will let you know about it here first!