Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The way things run down here

Just a little glimpse into the way things go here in Frankfort.

Today at lunch I invited myself to sit with a couple Democratic lawmakers, who will remain nameless. One was a State Rep., the other a State Senator. Conversation quickly turned to SB 7, commonly known in NKY as the toll bill. I expressed my reservations about the bill, and then commented that my main problem was that NKY gets the short end of the stick in most everything, including roads, and how now that it is our turn at the front of the line for some big projects, now there is no state money for us.

They both literally laughed at me. Not chuckled, didn't ask for some facts to back it up, just literally laughed at me.

Then one said "Well, you did alright with Fletcher" and they got up and left.

I tell this story to illustrate the mindset of too many down here. NKY generates the money that they take to their districts, and have no interest in learning or caring about how we get it or making sure it continues. It is very dissapointing.