Friday, February 15, 2008


Since yesterday morning, the only talk around the halls of the Capitol has been about the Governor's casino plan. A good recap of his plan by the Lexington Herald Leader can be found here.

Part of my weekend will be going through the plan and familiarizing myself with it. I really don't care for the way the Governor recommended wording the Constitutional Amendment. Also, what I have heard about the enabling legislation I don't really care for either. But I will be looking at it to make an informed decision.

Here are some things that I have overheard at the Capitol the last few days on the casino topic:

The proposed Constitutional Amendment language may not ever be heard, but a different version may get voted on in committee.

Concern that there is no local option for casinos at race tracks, but there is for the other free standing casinos. If the local option does not pass at any free standing locations, then we have just handed a monopoly to the race tracks.

There are questions as to whether or not the proposed language for the Constitutional Amendment is even in itself constitutional.

The Governor proposed 5 areas for free standing casinos. Two of those areas were Christian County (Hopkinsville), and Boyd/Greenup Counties (Ashland). The State Representatives from thsoe two areas apparently were not even given a heads up that this would be in the proposal.